Friday, October 20, 2017

They Are Growing...

The little pumpkin seed sprouts Roen planted are growing so fast. I am not sure if this is how pumpkins always grow, but I think it is so cool how the seeds are on the leaves...

We are pretty excited about our sweet little pumpkin plants!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Red for Anti-Bullying...

This week, was character week at school! Everyday the kids wore a different color to reflect and encourage important character traits.

Monday, they wore red to stop bullying. Tuesday, they wore yellow/gold for the Golden Rule. Blue was Wednesday for trustworthy and loyalty. Green was Thursday for responsibility.

Here is the K-6 in their red on Monday...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

70 Years...

Sunday, we celebrated Micah's grandparent's 70th Wedding Anniversary.

What an amazing example of love and lifetime devotion they have been to us all. There is so much that goes into a happy marriage, and I think it is different for every couple, but there is something about Grandma and Peepaw that I especially admire.

They laugh.

Together and at each other... they are always laughing and giggling. I love that after 70 years, they still find humor and happiness in each other's company.

I hope many, many years from now, Micah and I are still laughing together, just like Grandma and Peepaw.

Grandma and Peepaw with their 9 Great Grandkids

Monday, October 16, 2017

Boys, Boys, Boys...

I am seriously the most girly girl ever. I love pink, glitter, dresses, heels, tea out of fancy teacups and funnily enough, as a mom, I was blessed with boys.

Two boys who like dirt, camo, sticks, football and love seeing how many dirty clothes they can glitter my house with.

I kid you not, this morning I was watching Remi put on his shoes for school and when he realized it was full of sand he (without hesitation), dumped all the sand into my pretty little chair and proceeded to put his shoe on. The mess follows them around relentlessly leaving little paths of mess through the house where ever they go!

These days, I feel like I am being surrounded by more and more stinky little boys! It is swords, it's being outside way past sundown, it's frito chilli pie all over faces and clothes at football games, and it is so much fun I can hardly stand it...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Remi's 8th Birthday...

This year, Remi chose to have a fishing theme for his 8th Birthday Party.

Remi loves being out on the water, casting, catching and then cleaning and eating his catches- there is not much that makes him happier. So, this party was very dear to my heart and an absolute blast to plan! Anytime I would buy something for it, he would come look it over, go through it and tell me how happy he was that he was having a fishing party.

I found most of the decor at antique shops and he just loved looking through the jars of old lures and bobbers.

Remi's only real request was that we have a pinata and that we invite the entire 2nd grade- so we did both. Micah smoked pork for lunch and it turned out to be the perfect day for swimming with family and friends! That big, happy smile never left Remi's face... he had a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Carving Pumpkins...

Hands down, one of the boy's favorite days of the entire year, is when we carve pumpkins!

We spent Sunday afternoon carving our pumpkins, digging out the seeds and then I made cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds just for Remi! This year, they both wanted something scary... so they searched the internet for some scary pumpkin faces and after I drew them out, they carved. I did help Roen some, but Remi was insistent that he have no help from anyone.

That night, they were thrilled to see their scary little pumpkin faces lit up on our front porch!

Roen's pumpkin had all these little sprouts growing inside his pumpkin. We took them out and were able to plant 10 of the sprouts in little pots. He is convinced we are going to have a giant pumpkin growing in no time!