Monday, January 22, 2018

Pinewood Derby 2018

Last Sunday, was the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. This is by far the very best event of the year. Dads and sons spend many afternoons cutting, sanding, painting, hoping to create a winning car. On race day, everyone hovers around the track, excitement filling the air, every boy hoping they get the win!

This year, there were 46 cars. Every car races 4 times (once in each lane), so there were 46 heats. The lowest time is dropped and the other three times are averaged to get the car's final speed. Before every single race, the crowd counts down from 5 and as the cars reach the finish line, the boys erupt in shouts and fist pumps. They root for their friends, they pat each other on the back, they feel the sense of pride that only comes after lots of hard work pays off. Watching the boys is as much fun as watching the races for me!

Roen came out in 1st place in his age group and Remi came out in 2nd. Both boys received a trophy and were over the moon excited!!

Roen told me, "Momma, this is my very first trophy" and then proudly smiled at his accomplishment!

This was such a good day...

Friday, January 19, 2018

Words From Roen...

Roen is one of the happiest kids in the world. His giant genuine smile rarely leaves his face and though he may be a boy of few words, he has plenty to say with his sweet little giggles.

As we are finishing up our year in Cub Scouts, the boys have been working very hard on earning their Church of Christ Loving Servant Award. Among the many requirements to earn this badge, is a lot of bible study- a lot! Each night, after dinner, we have sat on the couch and read through different scriptures and parables and then talked about what it all means and how it relates to their lives. Remi is almost always spot-on and can very easily apply the scriptures to his everyday life.

Roen tries, but really hasn't grasped the level of deepness when it comes to understanding God. I think to him, God and Jesus float in the clouds, playing around, while they look down on us until they decide to come down to take us for a ride in a cloud car to Heaven one day. His little mind is just full of sunshin-ey cartoon images of it all.

So, when we had this conversation, I was not a bit surprised, but it made me and Micah giggle at the sweet innocence in his heart.

We were discussing the crucifixion and Remi and I were having a pretty deep conversation about what happened and what it all meant. Meanwhile, Roen is quietly sitting on the other side of me, when he finally pipes in...

Roen: Momma, when they put the first stake in, do you think Jesus said 'ouch'?

Is there anything better in life than conversations like this?! Oh, my sweet, little Roen, you make life so much better!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Last Day of Break...

We decided to end the break with one more day of fun! We let each boy have a friend over and then we took them to lunch, bowling, to play laser tag and the arcade. Micah joined in on the fun, and I think everyone had a blast...

At least 100 times has it come out of my mouth, how thankful I am for the friends that surround my boys. For so long, I was in control of the children my boys spent time with- and in some ways I still am. But once they stepped foot into their Kindergarten classes, they were in full control of the children they chose to play with, to like and to want to be with. I send them off each day with a prayer in my heart that they will be kind to every person they see.

But I also have a prayer in my heart that they will seek out those who have kindred spirits, the children who respect their teachers, the children who will bring out the very best in my boys. Those are the friends I want my boys teamed up with when they face the challenges of their day.

With Remi in 2nd grade and Roen in 1st, I can proudly say that they have found friends that are positive influences in their little worlds. I know that no matter what their day might look like, they have some pretty amazing buddies that will be by their sides... and that, is a blessing I will never take for granted!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year's Eve...

On the morning of New Year's Eve, we woke up to snow! What a way to end the year!!! The boys were so excited to see flakes falling and the ground dusted in white...

Later that evening, we had a New Year's party at our house, where we rang in 2018 with lots of fun and some of our very best friends!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Our Last Christmas...

We ended our Christmas festivities with Micah's family.

We ate Mexican food, sipped champange and had the very best time opening presents and watching the kids get spoiled with way too many gifts! Remi got a smart globe he has been wanting, each boy got a knot tying kit that was right up Remi's ally, they got a Hot Wheels garage, swords, guns and had lots of fun seeing what all their little cousins got too!

Christmas is always a time that really reminds me how truly blessed I am to have married into a family as amazing as I did! I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many people who love us and our boys. It's always a bit sad to start taking down trees and putting away the holiday decor, but this was the perfect way to end our Christmas!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Christmas At the Lake...

This year, my family decided to head on over in our direction, and we spent Christmas together out at the lake. It ended up being extremely cold, which meant no fishing and only quick golf cart rides, but we enjoyed the water view from indoors with blankets and warm beverages.

We played games, cooked, made gingerbread houses, decorated ornaments, opened presents, made smores and did 3 puzzles! It has really become sort of a tradition that when we all get together, after all the littles are tucked in tight, us girls get going on a puzzle. I love doing puzzles together. It feels so peaceful, just chattering amongst ourselves, with no whining kiddos, no loud TV, just quietly enjoying each other's company... usually while we snack on something sweet and crack jokes.

We started our first day with a golf cart ride. Later, we let each kiddo open one present- they each got a game. Remi has been wanting Monopoly for a very long time and could hardly wait to get going on a game. But before we embarked on that, we played Wahoo with Roen and the Penguin game with Mallory. Monopoly happens to be one of Micah's favorite games, so I am not really who was more excited about playing- Remi or him! Later, we made s'mores- inside because it was so cold!

The next morning we opened stockings, made gingerbread houses (while the guys golfed), decorated ornaments and then opened gifts for everyone. We finished our night off with chilli and another puzzle!

When it comes to family, we have truly been blessed with the best!

Up next, is our very last of the 2017 Christmas festivities...