Monday, September 25, 2017

On The Day Remi Turned 8...

On the day Remi turned 8, he had school. He really, really, wanted us to take him fishing instead of going to school!

The boys woke up super early because Remi was excited to open his present from Roen and Roen could hardly wait for Remi to open his present! Micah was out of town, so I made Remi wait until later that evening to open his present from us.

Remi has wanted a certain Hot Wheels Shark Rescue Boat since summer and had the biggest smile on his face when he walked in and saw it waiting on the couch for him. Roen also got him some new Beyblades and two wooden domino sets that Remi wanted ( he likes setting them up in patterns to knock down). Pretty much, Roen got him everything he asked for!

I know this picture is so blurry, but this shows just how happy Remi was when he ran out and saw his shark boat from Roen!

Them putting together the new shark boat before school

For breakfast we had biscuits and bacon (Remi's request) and sang happy birthday.

I took Remi Taco Casa for lunch and since they have lunch at the same time, Roen got to eat tacos with us. Just us three sat at the end of a table all by ourselves, and we really had the sweetest little lunch just chit chatting about the important things in their worlds.

After school, Remi had tutoring and they both had football practice that evening- Micah got home just before practice. I put a roast in the crock pot so we could have dinner ready when we got home, and then I made Remi his only request for his birthday dinner- asparagus. That little booger ate the entire pan!

It was a busy day, packed full of things we had to do, but in between we found time to make it special. Long gone are the days before they were in school, when Micah took off work so we could spend the whole day celebrating!! I can't say these days aren't as good, because that is just not true. There really is something special about the hustle and bustle of school, sports and this season of life that seems to revolve around the boys- whether we want it to or not!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Remi is Eight...

I still can't believe Remi is 8... it just sounds so old!!!

Remi is still our fierce, passionate little man. He doesn't do much without great emotion. When he is happy, he is the happiest boy in the world, when he is sad, the hurt spills out of him in great big tears and when he is mad, he growls like a wild animal bursting with anger. He is not quiet about anything. If we are in church and Roen starts irritating him, he has no problem loudly trying to put Roen in his place. He likes to be in charge... of us all!!

The older Remi gets, his strong-willed personality reminds me more and more of Micah. Micah, is of course, my ideal role-model for the boys, but when you have a daddy and son who both refuse to back down- well, it leads to lots of head-butting between those two!

As challenging as Remi makes parenting, I am absolutely amazed by him daily!

If there is something to be found, Remi will find it, if there is something to be fixed, he can fix it, if there is someone who needs help, Remi is there to direct and lead, if there is a spider to be killed, he stomps it. Bottom line, when it comes down to it, I can count on Remi no matter what- because what really makes him tick is being in charge of important tasks!

This little boy has something so special inside of him that can't be fully described. He isn't your average little boy who is content playing with trucks, throwing a baseball or playing in mud puddles. Remi thrives on being challenged. Many days after school he goes to his room to do 'science stuff' where he experiments with batteries, builds circuits or studies his electricity book for ideas. If he is not doing this, he is outside creating machines with things he finds. Several weeks ago, he brought me outside to show me the water pump he created with a water cooler, water hoses, a water pitcher, a dolly and other bits of junk. I'm not sure how he did it, but the pump worked by using gravity-- it was amazing!

Remi wants to be engineer. He wants to fly into space. He wants to build submarines where he can explore the deepest depths of the ocean. He wants to build rockets. And you know what, I have no doubt the things he will accomplish in his lifetime will be anything short of amazing.

This little boy was made to soar...

Remi loves to hunt and fish!!

He loves being with friends but would rather be alone when building or creating things that require his upmost concentration.

He stills loves Legos. Him and Roen get out their Legos almost daily. They love building boats to play in the pool with! Roen is usually done pretty quickly and his boats are simple and practical. Remi will spend hours on his to create something completely over-the-top.

Remi continues to love Cub Scouts. Even though one of his very best friends joined this year, I don't really think it is about socializing to Remi. I truly think Remi enjoys Scouts because of the activities. The building, the researching, being outdoors exploring... it's all things Remi loves and he gets to do it with Micah- who is quickly becoming his favorite person to be with!

Remi is still very interested in Science. He loves coming home and showing us experiments they did in school.

Remi eats and eats and eats.... and seems to be growing out of control!! Anything I cook, he will eat and he is always so good about telling me 'thank you' and how much he likes it.

He is always very aware of his surroundings and peers and does not like to stand out for any reason.

At 8 years old, Remi weighs 58 pounds and he comes up to the top of my shoulder!

Remi doesn't miss much and is always appreciative of the small things. I have all his party decor out on our dinning table and one day after school, he went over to look it all over and said 'Mom, you are so good at doing birthday parties.' He really is the sweetest thing.

But, he is also stubborn, serious, strong-willed... and reminds me so much of his daddy it is crazy!!

Happy Birthday, Remi!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall Pictures 2017...

The boys have already taken their Fall pictures at school and gotten them back. I just love looking at these and comparing them with previous years.

It is amazing at how much Remi has changed. He has zero baby fat left on his lean little body and I feel like he just won't quit growing! The minute I buy him clothes, they look too short!

And then you have Roen who still has those squishy little cheeks and remains a tiny little thing in his group of buddies!! I always thought he would catch Remi but I am not so certain anymore!

Here are their Fall pictures from last year (click here)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Weekend...

We had no plans all weekend. I love weekends like this, where we can just fly by the seat of our pants!

However, Roen ended up with Strep, so he had to miss homecoming and the Flag Raising... the only two things we had on the agenda at all. But, even with one sick, our weekend at home was pretty great!!

Re-inacting "Dude Perfect"- Remi loves this show!

Showing off his new hat and sunglasses

Getting a little practice in between resting

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Remi and Pops...

Today, Pops came to visit Remi at school for Grandparent's Day!

Remi absolutely adores his Pops!! He loves all the things Pops can build, fix and figure out! They remind me so much of each other and I am so thankful that they get to spend special times like this together!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Blackout Pep-rally...

Friday, was the blackout pep-rally we have every year. The boys get so excited when this rolls around. All the students got glow sticks and once the lights went out, the students went crazy! It was so cool!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Grandparent's Day...

Yesterday, was Grandparent's Day for the 1st Grade. Roen felt super special having his Pops up at his school!!!

Next week will be Remi's turn!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dove Season...

This past week, the boys have been going out to the back field and doing a little dove hunting. There is not much Remi loves more than hunting... only fishing ranks as high, and he has loved getting to run out back around 6:15, right when the dove start flying, to shoot with his daddy.

I think what makes it even better is that they can hop straight from the pool and do it in their swimsuits...

Monday, September 4, 2017

First Flag Raising...

Friday night was our first football game of the season. Which meant it was the first flag raising for the Cub Scouts. This was Roen's very first time to participate and I think he was pretty excited!

Roen has such an advantage because almost always he has Remi by his side and Remi has done it before him. I remember Remi being so serious about his first flag raising and having a sense of importance. Roen just ran around with all his scout buddies smiling and being silly!

But when the time came to watch the older scouts raise the flag he put his hand up to his forehead respectfully and while I stood behind him watching, he just seemed so tiny.

My little ball of sunshine, following in his big brother's footsteps, who has not a care in the world and who often makes me wonder if God put him on Earth to spread happiness. As much as he needs his big brother to follow behind, I think he helps his big brother take life a little less serious.

Roen is on the far right and Remi is 5th from the right

When big brother punches little brother while I am trying to take a picture...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Birthday Getaway...

When it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.... well, Micah pulls out all the stops.

For my 34th Birthday, Micah took me to Las Vegas. We dropped the boys off at school on Friday morning and headed to the airport. We didn't return until late Sunday. It was a fast little getaway, but it was absolutely perfect. Being with Micah, away from the chaos of the kids, is one of my favorite things. It's like we can just breath- talking without being interrupted and listening without kids fighting in the background- it is glorious!

Once we arrived, we took our bags to our room and I was greeted with champange, flowers and a birthday balloon- I think I squealed!

After a quick lunch at LemonGrass, we headed to the casinos to play a bit BlackJack. Later that night, we had dinner in the Wynn at SW's and it was the best steak we have ever had... and the creamed spinach.... it was amazing!!!!

The next day was my actual birthday! We slept in and then headed to the Venetian (because they have the best shopping) for brunch at Morels and shopping!! There is no better way to start your 34th birthday than with a mimosa...

And they had one of my favorite dishes on the menu- Huevos Rancheros...

Later that evening, ready for a night out...

On this trip, we fell in love with the Wynn. We have never been inside before, but it was full of color and whimsy!! Isn't this flower carousel so pretty!!!

This has to go in the books as one of the best birthdays ever!!!